science, faith, one

humans, such a strange lot .... seeking answers, looking for reasons, some of us, just looking for excuses .... why do i exist? where do i go now? how do i know this is the right choice? where will i go ... when it all ends?


we seek answers, and call it science... we seek love, and call it chaos ... we answer lust, only to find madness and fear ....for in seeking solutions .... we must make one assumption ... one basis of belief ... that "one" exists .... in the mathematical sense ... in the spiritual sense .... whether you chose religion, faith, science ... or none of the above ... it all comes down to the theory of "one" and of existence ...

what is the next step?
looking to religion?
looking to science?
looking to faith?

no human can give the answer ... no written text, or story told, is untainted by humanities emotions , humans seeking absolution, seeking reasons that will make the decisions okay, taking blame out of human hands and placing it on another--

"i was forced to react this way because ... yadayadayada."

i make choices, i live with the consequence ... it's called life.

i was taught excuses are statements that i make up, & quite often truly believe, to cover the fact that i fucked up ... royally at times...

while reasons ... those are the basis on which i form choices ... good or bad, they are mine, i own them completely .... yes, some of my actions are a direct result of the situation i find myself in, and how other humans react to my choices, but it all comes down to the choices i made to reach that crossroad .... and no one is to responsible for my actions, no one but ME.

do you exist? are you still just waiting for the next big thing to move you along this path?