never kiss a monkey or send me chain emails

this is what i send to those that forward those day'umnable group emails ... hate that .. soooo much ...

flashback mar 01, 2008 --

this was sent to me in an email - with the caption "never kiss a monkey" -- [my thought "what would possess me to want to kiss a monkey?] ...i had posted this a few months ago but couldn't find it when i looked to send to a friend.

after laughing i came to the realization that if humans could do this we as a race would be extinct......to find out why there are still baby monkeys populating the earth i asked my grandson.....[didn't tell him why i have this question, my perversions have not progressed that far yet]---he just has all the right answers....like why the sky's blue....his words, "because i looked at it and it was."

so -- here's the answer to why ? [about the monkeys]
well, i now know why monkeys are not extinct. [refer to the picture of 'lucky monkey'] when my g-bb's came to visit i posed the q of "why are there baby monkey's?"
to Gavin,4. considering the fact that monkeys can pleasure themselves manually and orally,i knew humans would be extinct if we had these abilities.[now i'm not deranged enough (yet) to bring this part of my thought process to the attention of my g-son.]
he gazed at me with a wise,pitying look and said,"Mema, baby monkeys are sooooo keeeewwwt." as the big brother to a 3month old, he turned from me and mumbled with exasperation, "wish Mom had had a monkey, or at least a puppy."