part 3

oh, and i think i recall that you have child(ren) hmmm...here is a bit of parenting advice my great-grandmother gave me ......it'll be like 29 years ago this fall....hope it helps, since you are a computer guru and might need help with parenting skill until i arrive for my ascension to the title of her-holy-high-priestess-goddess-on-earth-that-has-blessed-the-mere-universe-with-her-royal-presence when the weather warms up in your country ..... i am a vast ocean of knowledge which i am happy to share....it makes my family happy, the more i type the less i talk...
her-holy-high-priestess-goddess-on-earth-that-has-blessed-the-mere-universe-with-her-royal-presence but you can call me bitch.....
ps all this ruling-the-earth business has caused a mental-pause....i didn't send the link

advice on *raising children*

he :
23. That sounds pretty cold.

Anyway, I am pleased to have muddied the waters. ;)

I enjoyed your parenting advice. Shall endeavour to avoid swatting flies high up while wearing a low cut blouse.

Isn't it amazing how well the words "low" and "cut" go together. Low. Cut. Low cut. Excellent.

PS: I don't think I will feel comfortable calling you "bitch".
PS Do you post all of your conversations?

only those that i find very funny and rated g at best pg....some of my conversations would not be fit for *polite* company.....was going to ask if it was okay....buuuuttt, the old adage...it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, is my motto....when it comes to most everything .... ;) i did try to remove any *names* to protect the sender [uuuhhh, that's means you] ;) hope ya don't mind......
ps...give it time ... seems the name bitch just rooooolllls off the tongue of those who know me best....it's just a dimunitave of " i love you being-in-total-control-honey"....i doooo soooooo luv control, unless i'm tied down....then i'm really happy with that too..... but it's also shortened form of "you damn bitch how in the hell did you think you were going to get away with that!!!! have you lost your f'king mind?"

ps: just read this statement "Isn't it amazing how well the words "low" and "cut" go together. Low. Cut. Low cut. Excellent." i'm easily destracted......but i found it's okay old age
...where was i oooooo yeah, low-cut.....kinda-like well-hung....just rrrrrroolllls of the tongue ;)
now do you understand how easy my decision was to take over the world?...starting with australia