bikini-clad empress or.. my decision to partake in world domination

this began 28 march of 2008 it all started easily enough ---my decision to take over the world ...starting with this sweetie's country ... i stumbled across a fellow su'er and saw this in his profile:
"90 yr old from australia---Member since Aug 22, 2005 America: If I said you had a beautiful body would you promise not to invade my country?"

always one to seek a compliment....for i was created to be adored...i sent a message: okay i won't invade but i demand my compliment and you are very well preserved..

my fellow su'er sent:
Damn you have a beautiful body! such delightful honesty makes me blush....me thinks i have a *new crush*
(Is that enough? Will that do? Please don't invade me.)
Yes, I sure am well preserved. ON the other hand I may be lying yeah, i think he's lying about the *well-preserved* cause botox-docs would be alllllll over the down-under land

i wrote back:
but you seem like invading would be fun!!!
i have noticed from your pages you like dem nekkid pictures...so here is one for you....enjoy,

lucky monkey
he: Yeah, that's not really my kind of nekkid picture :) lying Also, no we are not fun to invade. Not fun at all. These are not the droids you are looking for. now here is where i know he is lying again , when i invade there are no guns, bondage, or incarceration, unless you beg.....really well........i demand perfection when you beg..................

me: oohhhh well, cross that one off [the invading] my list of things to do ;)

he: Phew. Close call. (The invading). once again lying.....i know he wants to be subjugated.....PS You'll be pleased to know that you are only the second woman to send me nekkid photos. No, wait, third.
just don't understand the world not wanting the u.s. to invade their country....see how well it worked out for iraq? we know the world wants to be just like us...arrogant,ignorant,overweight,useless [and that's just the vowels-oh wait forgot e....]evangelical can't foget the fundies.....whew, that was close if i had forgotten how godfearing we were i would be run out on a plank and sent to canada--heard that's a nice place.cheers, michelle

ps. sorry i didn't understand your *type* ; ) of nekkid picture...and until su i really didn't realize how many people felt the need for photos to get off....all i ever needed was music and eeeeemmmmmmaaagggggiiiinnnnashuuuunnnn...okay if ya don't watch a lot of spongebob that's probably lost on ya. tata

lol Wow, I think I am all turned around on the whole invasion issue. How could I not have seen the benefits? I have been so blind.
Come on down, America. more than happy to We will leave the lights on for you. Hang on a sec while we bend over.
Oh, I realize why you covet Australia so much - it is an enormous country with a small population. Plenty of secluded places to dig great big holes. You know, if, for example, you wished to dispose of a whole swag of evangelicals. Or lawyers. Or GWB.
Unfortunately I have no imagination. If you need proof of this, may I please refer you to
{--he listed his website, witholding information for security purposes....he will be my under-lord when i invade--don't want his fellow country men/women/stuff to know his identity just yet}