god, hitchhiking, fear

just saw a poll, concerning "keep god in the pledge" --- anytime i see that --- keep god here or there ... i look around and wonder ... who's god ? ... money? power? sex? the christian god? the islamic god? which religion? which faith? which god?

when we allow "god back into school" do you realize that satan is also a god to some people? in the USA a person has just as much right to worship satan as any other religion.... do you realize that putting "god" back in school literally opens up pandora's box??? ....

"in god we trust" on our currency, is very appropriate in this day and age ... for many worship the power that money brings ...

"one nation under god" ... on our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag ... brings to mind again ... what god are we under? what god would want us to deny the suffering we see on a daily basis, and protect our measly earthly treasures?

many of our religions send money and missionaries to other countries ... overlooking the suffering in their own yard ... people fight to stop abortions... never wondering about the fate of so many abused, neglected, unloved children already in existence .... people fight to keep "their health care" .... never worrying about those who die needlessly ... this is the United States of America ... what happened to "give us your tired, your poor"??

what happened to theses citizens of a once proud country?

is it really all about "me-me-me-me"?

do you really ignore the suffering in the search of your "one nation under god" ??

researching the origins & motives of certain laws passed in the USA, i've discovered that most were written in fear ... fear of the different, fear of "coloured people" ie, abortion (white women were using it as a means of birth control in late 1800's to provide better life for family), drug laws (via the Harrison Tax Act), and "under god" due to integration ...

i was told by a friend, when he read the post about me picking up an unknown man and giving him a ride across louisiana .... "this isn't 1960!!" no, it's not ... but what's wrong with helping a person in need? what's wrong with compassion? should i be so afraid for myself, that i put on blinders and shut out the suffering of my fellow beings?

is that what my Creator intended for me? NO

is that what your Creator intended for you? only you can answer that question....

the preamble of the US Constitution says more to me than any other material written by humanity:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

those that wrote the Constitution never once mentioned anyone's god in the Preamble, and i imagine they were afraid, more afraid than you or i, they were fighting to create a country of freedom.

while today ... we fight to "nanny law" the hell out of our neighbor.

science, faith, one

humans, such a strange lot .... seeking answers, looking for reasons, some of us, just looking for excuses .... why do i exist? where do i go now? how do i know this is the right choice? where will i go ... when it all ends?


we seek answers, and call it science... we seek love, and call it chaos ... we answer lust, only to find madness and fear ....for in seeking solutions .... we must make one assumption ... one basis of belief ... that "one" exists .... in the mathematical sense ... in the spiritual sense .... whether you chose religion, faith, science ... or none of the above ... it all comes down to the theory of "one" and of existence ...

what is the next step?
looking to religion?
looking to science?
looking to faith?

no human can give the answer ... no written text, or story told, is untainted by humanities emotions , humans seeking absolution, seeking reasons that will make the decisions okay, taking blame out of human hands and placing it on another--

"i was forced to react this way because ... yadayadayada."

i make choices, i live with the consequence ... it's called life.

i was taught excuses are statements that i make up, & quite often truly believe, to cover the fact that i fucked up ... royally at times...

while reasons ... those are the basis on which i form choices ... good or bad, they are mine, i own them completely .... yes, some of my actions are a direct result of the situation i find myself in, and how other humans react to my choices, but it all comes down to the choices i made to reach that crossroad .... and no one is to responsible for my actions, no one but ME.

do you exist? are you still just waiting for the next big thing to move you along this path?


it's okay to be easily distracted as you age

thanks jonathan for leading me here----wonderful reasoning on why i can't remember names and why you should ALWAYS read my blog and swim in my vast ocean of knowledge[beware the riptides; dispensed wisdom is always better after the first cocktail has settled into my system--i see you're a skeptic, eh? ask me after the third one, i'm sure i can convince you........]. as i tell my family....if ya want to know what happened yesterday ask me about it in a year...............

    the page: "It may be that destractibility is not, in fact, a bad thing," said Shelley H. Carson, a psychology researcher at Harvard whose work was cited in the book. "It may increase the amount of information available to the conscious mind."
    "A broad attention span may enable older adults to ultimately know more about a situation and the indirect message of what's going on than their younger peers," Dr. Hasher said. "We believe that this characteristic may play a significant role in why we think of older people as wiser."

    "If older people are taking in more information from a situation, and they're then able to combine it with their comparatively greater store of general knowledge, they're going to have a nice advantage."

AND THIS IS A SHORT EXPLANATION of WHY I CAN NEVER STAY ON-TOPIC.........in my universe one thing leads to another, that to another, and around i go until eventually my mind returns to the first topic which i believe was [don't correct me if i'm wrong, cause i'll only argue and throw a hissy fit while laughing at your audacity of TRYING to change my mind] sex......

advice on raisin' those babies

wrote this in 22.05.2008, but some of my mf'ahs are having lil' chaps of their own so i'm bringing it to the front once again.

i have noticed a lot of people that have young kids or new kids or soon-to-be around kids here...to those that "have" -- where do ya find the time? and to those "about-to-have"...go ahead and give it up now....

i started out to share a bit of advice my great-grandmother gave me when she found out i was making her a great to the second power grandmother....here goes:

1] take lots of pictures....hang them on the wall---when these precious angels become teenagers it will help control the urge to knock the shit out of them [her words-not mine, although they have become mine]

2] never say never---your babes will always bring ya to your knees....to clean their scrapes, to pray for their safety, or in humility -- 'cause the little shits did just what you swore to your know-it-all mother(in-law) ;
"my children will NEVER be allowed to DO THAT!"

3] never swat a fly above your head on the screen porch with your mouth open---- i don't know what this one has to do with children---except maybe keep the flyswat handy.... or as my oldest, ty, referred to it ----- a ty-swatter---- for killing a fly is legal and a great way to release anger, either way they are very wise words - as i found out later in life.....the damnable little flying bastards pop straight back towards my face.......so may i also add, don't swat a fly above your head on the screen porch with your mouth open or a low cut blouse on....

with love to all those with children under the age of 25.....remember it ain't an empty nest till they are out of the house for AT LEAST 5 years.

Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts

civilization, improvement, humanity, moral sense, moral obligation, my brothers keeper, promote the general welfare ...

just re-read a book i had totally forgotten about... one of twain's last writings that was pieced together after his death ... discussing life, faith, religion, civilization ... it is just as relevant today as it was 100+ years ago... and that, makes me very pity the paths society has taken .. and the chances we waste daily to be better.

this is taken from Mark Twain's "Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts" first book, "the Chronicles of Young Satan" pp.134- 138; S.L. Clemens; University of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles, USA; 1969.

in the following paragraphs, satan, is the son of the fallen angel, lucifer, is explaining to young boys, in 1702 austria, the progress of civilization... satan is also known as "phillip traum" "quarante-quatre" and "number 44 , new series 864,962"

So, with a thought, he turned the place into the Garden of Eden, and we saw Abel praying by his altar; then Cain came walking toward him with his club, and did not seem to see us, and would have stepped on my foot if I had not drawn it in. He spoke to his brother in a language which we did not understand; then he grew violent and threatening, and we knew what was going to happen, and turned away our heads for the moment; but we heard the crash of the blows and heard the shrieks and the groans; then there was silence, and we saw Abel dying in his blood and gasping out his life, and Cain standing over him and looking down at him, vengeful and unrepentant.


Next-we had Egyptian wars, Greek wars, Roman wars, hideous drenchings of the earth with blood; and we saw the treacheries of the Romans toward the Carthaginians, and the sickening spectacle of the massacre of those brave people. Also we saw Caesar invade Britain-"not that those barbarians had done him any harm, but because he wanted their land, and desired to confer the blessings of civilization upon their widows and orphans," as Satan explained.

Next, Christianity was born. Then ages of Europe passed in review before us, and we saw Christianity and Civilization march hand in hand through those ages, "leaving famine and death and desolation in their wake; and other signs of the progress of the human race," as Satan observed. And always we had wars, and more wars, and still other wars-all over Europe, all over the world. "Sometimes in the private interest of royal families," Satan said, "sometimes to crush a weak nation; but never a war started by the aggressor for any clean purpose-there is no such war in the history of the race."

"Now," said Satan, "you have seen your progress down to the present, and you must confess that it is wonderful-in its way. We must now exhibit the future." He showed us slaughters more terrible in their destruction of life, more devastating in their engines of war, than any we had seen.

"You perceive," he said, "that you have made continual progress. Cain did his murder with a club; the Hebrews did their murders with javelins and swords; the Greeks and Romans added protective armor and the fine arts of military organization and generalship; the Christian has added guns and gun' powder; a few centuries from now he will have so greatly improved the deadly effectiveness of his weapons of slaughter that all men will confess that without Christian civilization war must have remained a poor and trifling thing to the end of time."


"It is a remarkable progress. In five or six thousand years five or six high civilizations have risen, flourished, commanded the wonder of the world, then faded out and disappeared; and not one of them except the latest ever invented any sweeping and adequate way to kill people. They all did their best-to kill being the chiefest ambition of the human race and the earliest incident in its history-but only the Christian civilization has scored a triumph to be proud of. Two or three centuries from now it will be recognized that all the competent killers are Christians; then the pagan world will go to school to the Christian-not to acquire his religion, but his guns. The Turk and the Chinaman will buy those to kill missionaries and converts with."

can we be better than this?

you can find the complete book of "The Chronicles of Young Satan" at shau.edu

bikini-clad empress or.. my decision to partake in world domination

this began 28 march of 2008 it all started easily enough ---my decision to take over the world ...starting with this sweetie's country ... i stumbled across a fellow su'er and saw this in his profile:
"90 yr old from australia---Member since Aug 22, 2005 America: If I said you had a beautiful body would you promise not to invade my country?"

always one to seek a compliment....for i was created to be adored...i sent a message: okay i won't invade but i demand my compliment and you are very well preserved..

my fellow su'er sent:
Damn you have a beautiful body! such delightful honesty makes me blush....me thinks i have a *new crush*
(Is that enough? Will that do? Please don't invade me.)
Yes, I sure am well preserved. ON the other hand I may be lying yeah, i think he's lying about the *well-preserved* cause botox-docs would be alllllll over the down-under land

i wrote back:
but you seem like invading would be fun!!!
i have noticed from your pages you like dem nekkid pictures...so here is one for you....enjoy,

lucky monkey
he: Yeah, that's not really my kind of nekkid picture :) lying Also, no we are not fun to invade. Not fun at all. These are not the droids you are looking for. now here is where i know he is lying again , when i invade there are no guns, bondage, or incarceration, unless you beg.....really well........i demand perfection when you beg..................

me: oohhhh well, cross that one off [the invading] my list of things to do ;)

he: Phew. Close call. (The invading). once again lying.....i know he wants to be subjugated.....PS You'll be pleased to know that you are only the second woman to send me nekkid photos. No, wait, third.
just don't understand the world not wanting the u.s. to invade their country....see how well it worked out for iraq? we know the world wants to be just like us...arrogant,ignorant,overweight,useless [and that's just the vowels-oh wait forgot e....]evangelical can't foget the fundies.....whew, that was close if i had forgotten how godfearing we were i would be run out on a plank and sent to canada--heard that's a nice place.cheers, michelle

ps. sorry i didn't understand your *type* ; ) of nekkid picture...and until su i really didn't realize how many people felt the need for photos to get off....all i ever needed was music and eeeeemmmmmmaaagggggiiiinnnnashuuuunnnn...okay if ya don't watch a lot of spongebob that's probably lost on ya. tata

lol Wow, I think I am all turned around on the whole invasion issue. How could I not have seen the benefits? I have been so blind.
Come on down, America. more than happy to We will leave the lights on for you. Hang on a sec while we bend over.
Oh, I realize why you covet Australia so much - it is an enormous country with a small population. Plenty of secluded places to dig great big holes. You know, if, for example, you wished to dispose of a whole swag of evangelicals. Or lawyers. Or GWB.
Unfortunately I have no imagination. If you need proof of this, may I please refer you to
{--he listed his website, witholding information for security purposes....he will be my under-lord when i invade--don't want his fellow country men/women/stuff to know his identity just yet}

part 2

me: seeeeeee, invasion is not that bad, no need for the lights--don't ya know dick & buch control the sun so i'll just get in touch with them about the timing....i'm sure he will see it in the u.s. best interest....butt, if ya wanted me to kiss ya ass there's no need to bend over toooo far, i'm only 5'4" ...my degree is in mathematics but it's almost 5 o'clock here welll 3:40 close enuf and the budlights flowing....and i'm refusing to do that new-fangled math...dammit i'm from the south...the world revolves around me....where was i....oh yeah, the big holes....the universe knows we have enough idiots to fill .... i don't think your country is big enough...i might need to invade china, russia or some such other really large landmass........hmmmm second thought thanks for the compliment about the beautiful body...but i need more land.
ps i get really typative when i drink

i meant dick & buSh
he replied:
I saw your second message first and thought, "Dick and bush? Is michelle still talking about nekkid photos?"
Anyway, does Bush have to bend over to make the sun shine. You know, because of where it shines out of?
Yes, it is true that China and Russia also have enormous tracts of land, however what you need to remember is that Australia only has a population of 20 million, and most of those live on the coast - so lots and lots of EMPTY space.
We're talking absolute prime moron disposal potential here.
Need I go on? I think not.

i replied:
okay, NOW i'm confuzzed.....do i invade or not? i had rationalized myself to leaving my sweet aussies alone and now you have made such a good argument FOR invasion....shit, now i'm gonna havta think. dammitta hell. it's 3:30 in the morn.....i'll reconsider after my first beer later this afternoon.....
and yeah, bush bends over but only with direct orders from dick

Yes. I mean NO. I mean sure. I mean.... stuff.
dear {name witheld}
after careful consideration i have decided, invasion would be a good/bad thing at this moment...spread the word to your friends and countrymen/women/roo's there is no need to be afraid, granny is/not invading tomorrow.

him: Dear Memachelle,
We thank you for your interest in our country. Unfortunately/fortunately we are not/are looking for an invading hoarde [ i have never hoarde., because i've never charged] at this time.
Sincerely/Bugger off
{and signed his name and aka's}
well, i don't know what to tell ya, ben.....your alter ego has done a sufficiently good job in adequately muddling the point......i sit in my rocker on the porch [watching the rain fall] pondering the possibility of an invasion and wonder if it would be financially feasible to take you [australia] under my firm guidance and supervision ...... it's a beautiful spring day here with temps in the 70's [that 23 degrees for you stubborn types] and was told that the temp in your area was decidedly cooler at this time......therefore, since i am most definitely a warm weather, sun luving gal, i will wait until the weather warms up down under before i initiate my invasion.......and i'm going on holiday tomorrow and will be on the beach basking in the beautiful sun on the emerald coast of sunny florida.....
wishing you warm weather and smiles from mississippi your future beloved-leader,
her-holy-high-priestess-goddess-on-earth-that-has-blessed-the-mere-universe-with-her-royal-presence.......aka michelle/granny/mema
i think i need to shorten the title....i know it's too much for americans to get out --that's why i also answer to bitch...

part 3

oh, and i think i recall that you have child(ren) hmmm...here is a bit of parenting advice my great-grandmother gave me ......it'll be like 29 years ago this fall....hope it helps, since you are a computer guru and might need help with parenting skill until i arrive for my ascension to the title of her-holy-high-priestess-goddess-on-earth-that-has-blessed-the-mere-universe-with-her-royal-presence when the weather warms up in your country ..... i am a vast ocean of knowledge which i am happy to share....it makes my family happy, the more i type the less i talk...
her-holy-high-priestess-goddess-on-earth-that-has-blessed-the-mere-universe-with-her-royal-presence but you can call me bitch.....
ps all this ruling-the-earth business has caused a mental-pause....i didn't send the link

advice on *raising children*

he :
23. That sounds pretty cold.

Anyway, I am pleased to have muddied the waters. ;)

I enjoyed your parenting advice. Shall endeavour to avoid swatting flies high up while wearing a low cut blouse.

Isn't it amazing how well the words "low" and "cut" go together. Low. Cut. Low cut. Excellent.

PS: I don't think I will feel comfortable calling you "bitch".
PS Do you post all of your conversations?

only those that i find very funny and rated g at best pg....some of my conversations would not be fit for *polite* company.....was going to ask if it was okay....buuuuttt, the old adage...it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, is my motto....when it comes to most everything .... ;) i did try to remove any *names* to protect the sender [uuuhhh, that's means you] ;) hope ya don't mind......
ps...give it time ... seems the name bitch just rooooolllls off the tongue of those who know me best....it's just a dimunitave of " i love you being-in-total-control-honey"....i doooo soooooo luv control, unless i'm tied down....then i'm really happy with that too..... but it's also shortened form of "you damn bitch how in the hell did you think you were going to get away with that!!!! have you lost your f'king mind?"

ps: just read this statement "Isn't it amazing how well the words "low" and "cut" go together. Low. Cut. Low cut. Excellent." i'm easily destracted......but i found it's okay old age
...where was i oooooo yeah, low-cut.....kinda-like well-hung....just rrrrrroolllls of the tongue ;)
now do you understand how easy my decision was to take over the world?...starting with australia


mema holiday

left for galveston early friday morning, 07 august 09 ... right outside of hammond, louisiana i picked up a hitchhiker ... his name was michael...

michael had lived a long time, more than his years ... and was very sick, the smell of unwashed body was evident, but what was more noticeable was the smell of death.

as i drove and michael talked, his life unfolded ... he wanted to return to texas. that was where his happiest times were, in texas with his father.

michael had dropped out of school in the 7th grade, and went to work with his dad, escaping an addicted, abusive mother. his father had died 12 years earlier and michael buried him in their hometown of bogulousa, in louisiana. now, michael just wanted to get to texas... and i know, he knew his time was short ... he told me he expected it to take at least 2 weeks to get across louisiana, and was so happy when he found out i was going all the way to galveston... so happy he cried.

i've been told all my driving life "don't pick people up from the side of the road," by everyone...

when i am too scared to help my fellow man, i will cease to exist, i will no longer be michelle ... and i'm not ready to give up caring and kindness ...

he told me of his travels all over the world, of the kindness of strangers, of the love of his father, never once speaking ill of those that passed him by or left him to walk in the southern heat. the only negative he ever mentioned was his mother, and that was only in passing, to explain why he left school, and left home to travel with his father around the world.

jobs were closing to him, the new TWIC process was beyond his financial capabilities, and death was close, it was in the smell, from the odor i guessed lung cancer, with the jobs he had, possibly mesothelioma ... what ever it was, he was measuring life in days.

i dropped him off at a public library and got someone to help him get online so he could find a shelter in the area... and went on to galveston, feeling that day, i was blessed having met michael.

too often we pass people in our lives, people that if given the chance, remind us of just how beautiful life is, people we would otherwise never meet. open your heart, open your eyes, life is waiting.

i made the trip across louisiana in record time ... it's easy to do when you're holding your breathe ... thankfully i wasn't stopped for speeding


loss of health coverage in usa since 01 jan 08


never kiss a monkey or send me chain emails

this is what i send to those that forward those day'umnable group emails ... hate that .. soooo much ...

flashback mar 01, 2008 --

this was sent to me in an email - with the caption "never kiss a monkey" -- [my thought "what would possess me to want to kiss a monkey?] ...i had posted this a few months ago but couldn't find it when i looked to send to a friend.

after laughing i came to the realization that if humans could do this we as a race would be extinct......to find out why there are still baby monkeys populating the earth i asked my grandson.....[didn't tell him why i have this question, my perversions have not progressed that far yet]---he just has all the right answers....like why the sky's blue....his words, "because i looked at it and it was."

so -- here's the answer to why ? [about the monkeys]
well, i now know why monkeys are not extinct. [refer to the picture of 'lucky monkey'] when my g-bb's came to visit i posed the q of "why are there baby monkey's?"
to Gavin,4. considering the fact that monkeys can pleasure themselves manually and orally,i knew humans would be extinct if we had these abilities.[now i'm not deranged enough (yet) to bring this part of my thought process to the attention of my g-son.]
he gazed at me with a wise,pitying look and said,"Mema, baby monkeys are sooooo keeeewwwt." as the big brother to a 3month old, he turned from me and mumbled with exasperation, "wish Mom had had a monkey, or at least a puppy."