some holiday pics from my iphone, until Papa finds my camera cord for pc

Papa & Nolan, Christmas morn

Jaxon did NOT like the ROFL Monkey, kept kicking it whenever it got close.

Jax on his brand new big boy bed, nah, he wasn't impressed & has no intention of using it for more than an occasional nap.

Papa enjoying the new Jedi saber

my lil Prince Jaxon

a cell tower that was blown over in Brookhaven on Christmas Eve... i was to have taken the g-babes to my dad's for the evening, but wasn't about to get on the road with 4 children on such a night.

when Tom finds my cord that he "put in a safe place" i will download the photos that i had planned on giving the great-grandparents, aunts & uncles for Christmas ... maybe i'll get it done before July 4th, 2012