snOMG, or, no i will NOT go sledding with you!

i have an aversion to massive quantities of snow ... i believe it all stems back to a sledding mishap i had as a child ... we lived at ft. bragg, north carolina for most of my childhood ... one day after a big snowfall (i believe it was 1970 and i was 8 years old) my friends and i were sledding ... mom called us in to warm up and i was to be the first on the sled when we came back outside ... the snow had iced over and i flew down the hill ... jumped the ramp ... and went to turn the sled ... the rudder was frozen ... couldn't turn ... i froze ... and didn't roll off the sled .... luckily ... a huge oak tree kept me from sliding further down the hill and flying across the pond ... it wasn't completely frozen ... the pond ... anyway ... i hit the oak head on ... literally, face to the bark .... thanks to the oak tree ... my face is lopsided ... my tooth is chipped ... but, i didn't get wet. and i am not tempted to sled anymore ... at least not in mississippi ....

evidence ... note the lop-sided nose (leaning to the left) and the chipped tooth on the right front.... .. the scars on my forehead (right between the brows) aren't as bad as they once were ... yep, i kissed a tree, and did NOT like it...

granny's scolding -- you're busted look


scars and lopsided face

chipped tooth

result of a disastrous sled outing. frozen rudder

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