Afghanistan and the US troop withdrawal

please, tell me, what is so hard to understand about the POTUS message about Afghanistan?

extra troops go in, stabilize, then tell the government & residents, "it's now your baby, you rock it."

my problem lies with the last administration taking their eye off the ball by going into Iraq for reasons that were not above board. leaving the troops in Afghanistan to make do with what they had in the region. the last administration FAILED our troops that were deployed to that region.

if this strategy had been implemented eight years ago, this would be a moot point. as with any child in search of adulthood, you give the tools to make decisions, then you step back ... let them sink or swim ...

with this strategy it's not an immediate removal of all boots on the ground in one day, not even one month, but a gradual withdrawal that allows Afghanistan the chance to become a self-governing country.

can the Afghan's do this? i don't think so, that is why i felt we should get the hell out of clusterfuckistan instead of losing more troops to a cause that the people of that country will never be able to implement. but i am not the one in charge, and the current POTUS made the best of a hopeless situation by giving the people of Afghanistan a chance to govern without the Taliban dominating.