merry Christmas?!?

why i prefer not to say Merry Christmas in December but instead happy birthday in March/April, which astronomy has determined was when the star of David lead to the Savior.

this link gives a good summary of much i have read & gleaned over the last few years.

Christ, Constantine, & Sol Invictus

there is much to be garnered from this article, here is an excerpt:

"According to Persian traditions, the god Mithras was actually incarnated into the human form of the Saviour expected by Zarathustra. Mithras was born of Anahita, an immaculate virgin mother once worshipped as a fertility goddess before the hierarchical reformation. Anahita was said to have conceived the Saviour from the seed of Zarathustra preserved in the waters of Lake Hamun in the Persian province of Sistan. Mithra's ascension to heaven was said to have occurred in 208 B.C., 64 years after his birth. This birth took place in a cave or grotto, where shepherds attended him and regaled him with gifts, at the WINTER SOLSTICE."

so to those who wish me a merry Christmas .. i say "may you have the best year ever in the coming year."

i ask you not be so close minded that you think one is w/o faith if one doesn't say Merry Christmas, there is always more to the story if you open your heart & find tolerance & acceptance.