is it a "right"?

do i have the right to be treated humanely? do you have the right? what is it to treat another with decency? should i expect more for myself than i am willing to allow you? do i have the right to feel safe in my own home?

healthcare reform, troop surge, right to speak, party crashers.... all of these topics in the news go back to one simple idea...."where do my rights begin? where do yours end?"

do i have the right to expect better health care treatment [because my husband was in the right place at the right time to be hired by a company that offered insurance] than the citizen that works two or more part-time jobs, is above the poverty line. yet can't make enough $$ to afford adequate healthcare?

is that what USA is about? i have mine.... fuck you.

do i have the right to tell my neighbor what religion to practice? do i have the right to tell my neighbor what weapons to have in their house without expecting the same treatment from my neighbor?

for i believe that is what our former POTUS did in Iraq and now our current POTUS is about to ramp up in Afghanistan.

a firm believer in the best offense is a good defense ... a country should not expect to overpower another nation to force an idea that we are not willing to concede because it is our right ...

but then again, this is the USA, i got mine, and you are gonna get what i feel you "deserve"

what has our nation come to? when someone speaks an opinion different from yours they are labeled a kook, libtard, a right wingnut? granted there are quite a few idiots speaking their mind ... i could be one of them.

because the point of view is different--- is THAT a reason to dismiss it as insanity? whatever happened to intelligence? did it leave with common sense ? now i admit i do have a term i like to use for those that get their information from one general source (point of view) and refuse to see that there is more than one truth ... i call them "dittoheads" for that is what i hear ... the same pile of verbal diarrhea spit out verbatim as the next dittohead ... no thought, no reasoning, no comprehension of the damage that might occur because you refuse to think for yourself ...

yet in the good ole USA do as i say, not as i do.....

which brings me to the dittoheads that went uninvited to the POTUS's first state dinner.

... they should be ashamed & should be punished ... for simply entering where they were not invited ... for disregarding the first rule of humanity ... that we feel safe in our own home.


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