with Liberty and Justice for All.

"one nation under god" is where most citizens get hung up... so desperate to keep that added phrase in the Pledge they forget the words that follow::

"Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL"

the most important words in the Pledge, yet the most neglected in the argument on health care, education, and taxes

is it just that those with the ability and intelligence must resort to student loans to better self in the land of the free? tax money that is given to the banks by the federal government to lend to tax payers, and guaranteed by the taxpayers if the student defaults. that has been remedied. it (hopefully) won't have the middleman making money off students.

is it just that those with ability, but unable to get a loan, must wait till the age of twenty-seven? (unless you're a single parent) doesn't that seem like the system is designed to keep people in "their place"?

is it just that when ~46% of an educational districts budget is based upon the local tax base that some affluent districts will spend more per student than those with a less than adequate budget? really? how is that just? it's more a matter of 'luck' as to who your parents are and the position they've attained in this life. 

is it just that some are lucky enough to have adequate health care? yeah, i said LUCKY --- right place, right time, right connections, right qualifications to get a job that has health benefits. 

we have all benefited from those with 'less' fighting those with 'more'  -- your 40 hour workweek with overtime was earned by laborers banding together to fight for the rights you take for granted... yeah, even that health care, and the right for children to attend school and not be forced to work in factories and fields. someone... somewhere... at some point in our history believed in "Liberty and Justice for All"

i will tell you the most arrogant, ignorant, close-minded statement i've ever heard "i made it on my own with NO help from anybody" 

when someone says that i always reply, "bullshit"

if you are reading this, someone helped you... probably using tax dollars from US taxpayers. now that i think about it.... can you name one person you've met (in person or in the virtual world) that hasn't benefited in some way on the backs of the US taxpayer?

just came across this quote [20011.30.01]

‎"Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." ~Abe Lincoln 1861