what can your Representative do for you?

most of you know that i am "mobility impaired" which means i fall, a lot. Ranger is my service animal and goes everywhere with me... i mean everywhere. the only time he's not with me is when he goes to the vet for his weekly bath, or when he goes to relieve himself.

august of 2009 i took my youngest grandson for his 2 month checkup and shots. 15 minutes in the waiting room and a woman walked out of the office and told me i had to get my dog out of the room.  without going into details about the whole incident... i explained Ranger's job and advised her to go to the ADA website and see the guidelines concerning Service Animals. she returned, told me i had to leave or she would call the police and have me arrested... i told her to put it in writing.

i filed a complaint with the DoJ in september 2009. website said it would be reviewed in 3 to 6 months. i called in january 2010, "no, it hasn't been reviewed yet"... i called in february, still  "no"... i kept calling the DoJ, kept getting "not yet, but soon"

i called in may 2009.... same answer. i called the office of the 2nd District of Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson on a monday... that wednesday i got a call from the DoJ telling me that since it was dealing with a health clinic that received federal funding my case would be handed over the the DHHS.

and i waited... and waited for DHHS to get in touch with me... for 5 months ... i called about every 2 weeks, but could never get anything other than a recording. i left messages, i wrote... no response from the DHHS atlanta office.

then i called my Representative again.. on a tuesday... 2 days later i received a call telling me that i would receive a registered letter and i should have everything returned 20 days from the day the letter was typed. 

i did.. hoping that things will move swiftly... but, if they don't... i know who to call to make things happen.

yes, i will be voting for Bennie Thompson every time he runs for re-election.