the pain of joy? or the joy of pain?

saw this article in my facebook feed::

the pain of joy on social websites
Diane Colling, an occupational therapist and fertility patient, was scrolling through her Facebook page last week when, once again, she was bombarded by a friend's exuberant broadcast about her pregnancy. "Your daughter will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime," her brother's pregnant girlfriend posted.

"I know it's not meant to hurt, but you feel like you're getting kicked every time you see these," said Colling, 28, who lives in Baltimore County and has been trying to get pregnant since 2006. "I have to unfriend people for a while. If I was smart, I wouldn't go on Facebook anymore, but I'd completely lose connections with family and friends."

while the plight of the subject is sad... the mind set of the subject is heartbreaking.

she saw her misery in the joy of other people.... believe me, you will always fall short with that attitude and magnify your pain to levels that kill the soul.

"keeping up with the jones" --  most people don't see the implications of trying.  you will only see the exterior, not the struggles, not the sacrifices.  you will only see the accomplishments and never know the haunted soul.

what i'm trying to say... when your mind is set on comparing your pain to the joy of another... your pain will block out any possible chance of sharing their joy... you are on a path that will kill your soul.

nor is it wise to compare your joy of the past with your joy of today... let each moment be it's own pleasure... it's own measurement of life and living.

even with your most painful moments... this too shall pass.