get the fuck outta my way

and i say this with only concern for your well-being ... the last two days i have chopped the end off my middle finger, left hand ... burned middle and ring finger right hand ... and at the baseball game a bug flew in my right eye... somehow my contact ripped and my eye is scratched.

so i'm typing this seven fingered and one-eyed ....i am the walking wounded looking for a place to have the next accident.
*mema has a boo-boo finger
no, really, i cut the tip off slicing veggies yesterday, 
need some super glue, 
day'umn thing won't stop bleeding.*

sadly, i did all the above stone-cold sober ... i intend to remedy the situation ... wish i could get falling down drunk ... but a wasted youth and fantastic "can't really get drunk but will dance on tables after three drinks" genetic makeup will not let me get sot-faced.

oh well.... cheers ... and get the fuck outta my way ... really ... you could get hurt in my unintentional bout of self-mutilation.