ceremony rituals initations oaths traditions

the more i ponder, the more i realize.... ceremony, traditions, initiations, rituals, oaths.... all those things people use to 'enter' a marriage, political office, religion, club, organization..... things that are strictly human creations.... are the biggest problem of humanity. it is where the majority of our social problems originate.

the need to belong has produced our division.

do i need a piece of paper from my government to know i am in a relationship? do i need the blessing of a church leader to know i will remain with my partner for life? no.... society needs those 'things' to try and define my life.

i am not saying these are not needed for society, i am saying when too much importance is placed, when people start believing that the ritual is more important than the commitment [think about how much some spend on planning weddings and how little is spent on planning the life together, or how much effort and money is spent to keep the 'undesirables' from being recognized by our government as a legal couple] --- therein lies the problem.

ceremony, traditions, initiations, rituals, oaths --- these are created to make a person feel important, vital, needed.... that somehow, you are special to have been allowed to enter this group, to be part of the inner sanctum.

1] you are not special....then again,

2] if you need these to feel special? to be part of the group? you are special... in a sadly pathetic existence.

think carefully next time you feel the need to enter an organization...

what are you entering?

what is your reason for joining?

what is the purpose of the initiations?

what is needed to make you part of the group?

if your answer to any of those questions is NOT "to make this existence better for the future" then you should reconsider:

WHY do i feel the need to be part of this group?