amusing, for lack of a nicer/better term

i am constantly amazed/amused by people who 'nice up' their posts so as not to offend anyone... things like:
  • deliberately misspell 'vulgar' terms when posting as to appear polite. if ya thought it, ya might as well type it
  • who think 'god damn' is taking the 'lords name in vain' --- last i checked 'god' was not the name of the Creator... not sure the Creator HAS a name, for that matter
  • people who find those that don't adhere to the first two offensive.
what do i find offensive?
  • people who won't speak their mind, but talk behind your back
  • people who won't speak UP when others are gossiping, that person is more vile than the gossiper
  • people who abuse weaker creatures, children, animals, ya get my meaning
  • people who do nothing and ALLOW others to abuse weaker creatures, for that is the worst evil to inhabit this existence.
  • people who feel the need to save me from satan and condemn me if i state that "evil is a human condition, no other creature is infected unless contact is made with humans, when i feel evil in my soul, i meditate to find the cause.... my soul has nothing to fear from your satan as long as i am honest with myself" 
  • last but not least, parents that allow children to play video games rated-m, but get pissy-bent-outta-shape if the child happens to see a grown woman's nipple ... those are the most hypocritical of all creatures.  bless their hearts.