my 2010 concert plan... in progress

soooo, went to see willie nelson at the house of blues, NOLA, in january... father-in-law died and then our home burnt to the ground shortly after... great concert... nasty memories associated with it. so i decided to set upon a concert 'redeaux' to replace my fave concert t-shirts lost in the fire... it's my 'in your face' to the devastation that has come with this year... asked for a mulligan... haven't received it yet... so i'm going to have a good time till the reset button is hit.

tom and i saw jimmy buffett at the woodlands in may... great concert and no nasty memories... now Ranger and i are leaving on a trip to biloxi to see frampton .... the thought of the beach and the oil spill .... i just hope there is a way and (the gov't uses it) to minimize the damage... 

the photos and vid that i have seen are heart-wrenching... on the plus side, a friend that moved to the area a while back got in touch with me and we are having dinner on friday... i have missed heather, it will be so good to hug her once again.
[if any of you are in the area, ping me on facebook, i'll buy ya a coffee.]

anyway, have jackson browne scheduled in august along with crosby, stills, and nash... after that? who knows.