the failure of the greatest generation.. or, was popeye a prophetic depiction?

had a dream last night... about popeye the sailor man.. toot, toot.

this morning it occurred to me... WHOA! talk about life imitating cartoons....

*disclaimer- each generation has some of each--i'm seeing the generations as a whole--if you are offended --fuck yaself and that horse you rode in here on*

i, as most of my boomer generation, grew up watching popeye on the tube... he saw a problem, ate his spinach (however horrible or unpalatable the solution happened to be) and completed the job... in record time.

THAT, dear friends, defined "The Greatest Generation" .... too bad "t-g-g" raised a group of wimpy's ... boomers who would rather "gladly pay you tomorrow, for a hamburger today"... t-g-g gave us doctors that would see you regardless of your ability to pay... they gave us a country that could compete with anyone in the world ... a better life than t-g-g could have dreamed possible ... and the boomer generation squandered all that and MUCH more.

and, what did we raise? what did boomers give the world?

for the most part? brutus and olive oyl... either bully you and take what another earned, or cry "help" and wait to be rescued...

hence, the bail out, the surge of re-habs, invading the clusterfuckistans, even the bp oil spill and southern governors declaring a "day of prayer"

T-G-G gave us our highways and interstate system that no other could rival, public libraries, public utilities, sooooo much... my generation should be ashamed of debating a 4% tax hike while the more wealthy of T-G-G paid up to 90% tax on yearly income... we deserve the shambles we've created.,.. but my grandchildren do NOT.

soooooo, what will the 'sweet pea' generation give us? is there hope for my grandchildren? 

day'umn, i hope so... our nation's future depends on them stepping up and becoming the next Greatest Generation.