humane…sure, but only to nonhumans

humane treatment… a societal paradox that i do not understand.

we have the Humane Society, but only if you're an animal can you expect humane treatment.

an abused animal is taken from a person and never returned, an abused human child is returned to the abuser most often to be abused again.

a terminally ill animal is given a humane death… a terminally ill human is left to die, most often in excruciating pain and miserable circumstances.

to "pull the plug" allowing a dying person to suffocate, starve, drown in their own fluids… is that humane?

i recall the statement "a society should be judged on how it treats it's most helpless individuals."

we are a most pitiable lot, yet too arrogant to see our shame.

we, as a society, are inhumane to our young and our ailing. yet see no cause for mercy… unless you're an animal.