believe ya own hype?

watching an interview on the today show ... laurer was chatting with some guy from vanity ,named buzz re:tiger woods.

day'umn that kid is ripped!! (see the cover of vanity) but that aside... there are many who have ideas as to why he behaved the way he did, all have merit. only tiger will know the truth, and that will be revealed to him with lots of soul-searching.

now, brit hume believes he needs to change religion, pompous associty at it's finest. hume doesn't KNOW tiger.

tiger did not allow the public to see his inner turmoil, and that's how it should be.  his life is his to live, in the end, he answers to himself. whether he had a sex addiction, was trying to hide from the grieving process of the loss of his father, or any myriad of emotions that he has faced in his life... that is for tiger to work through, and he should be allowed to do that without constant speculation. no one knows the path that tiger has walked.

what i want to type about is the insulation of people. when we surround self with only "yes men" and what happens to the thought process.

i see people on social networks are doing that... just following and conversing with like minded people... and THAT is a dangerous path to walk.  a feeling of power and invincibility begins to develop in the mind... that everyone else is wrong!!  that invincible feeling nothing will be able to stop the IDEA of the insular group.

from observation, i feel tiger did that, he had his life compartmentalized.  people protecting him, handling him, isolating him to the point he may have felt his deeds were justified.   he began to believe his own hype, that actions would hold no consequences.

militant groups are guilty of this behavior. terrorists, religious leaders, politicians fall into the trap of believing that their idea is the only "right" idea and people will be subject to the idea or force will be used. why? "because i am right and know what is best for you."

all because the group is so focused on the idea that they fail to see the reality.
i have been told (more than once on twitter and facebook, concerning the current legislation on health care -- "just wait and see, the people will not allow this affront to the US Constitution, there will be trouble."
this article and quote highlight the break from reality that fellow citizens are suffering.  this is above all else, frightening.  not because of the threat, but because there are people that believe  they are correct in their views and no one else is allowed an opinion in a free-society:

Protesters cited a number of issues for the event, including the health care reform in Congress, taxes, gun rights, allegations that Obama is not an American citizen. One attendee cited his displeasure with what was described as an international police organization that will take control away from local police departments as a result of a recent Obama secret directive.
Those gathered to protest said they brought their guns because they wanted to draw more attention to the event, because they wanted to exercise their Constitutional Rights, to show responsible gun ownership. One protester threatened armed insurrection if steps are not taken to restore “Constitutional” governance.
people that believe the polls without questioning the pollsters. of all the questions asked on that link, only ONE proffered a question that did not provoke a knee-jerk response.

Ipsos/McClatchy  As of right now, do you favor or oppose the healthcare reform proposals presently being discussed?
ipsos kept out the words, "obama, legislation, congress, republican, democrat, etc" only ipsos was looking for a true response from the citizens. before you cite, believe a poll, look at the questions and the motives of the group paying for the poll. or you will fall victim to believing the hype. you will become one of those that cannot think, but must rely on others to do it for you, and may The Creator have mercy on our souls if people don't wake up and smell the money.

in a side note, there was a link posted on twitter ... Glenn Beck’s Gold Endorsement Goes Too Far For Fox . i commented that if beck truly believed his verbal diarrhea he would be telling people to buy lead, not gold. for if there is a true economic meltdown, do you really think gold will be a commodity? ya can't eat gold, and if people are in the direst of straits gold will not be valuable, only products necessary for survival will be traded. the response i received from a beck supporter "if everyone thought like you, beck would be broke." to which i replied, "keep buying gold, so beck can keep a life time supply of vick's vapor rub."

IF everyone would think and question the motives of these polls and the infotainment fundits, we would ALL be better off. instead, you believe the hype without question, just as those that followed hitler down that dark path not so long ago.