how to train a hubby, ugh, puppy


follow-up to 11 secrets

does anyone recall the title of an old sandra dee film about newlyweds? well i found it , When a Man Answers
little sandra was having trouble adjusting to the fact that the "boyfriend/fiance" , who obeyed every wish as though it were a command, had turned into a "husband", who seemed tone deaf to her tone.
her wise mother gave her a little book, that when followed, would have her partner eating out of her hand once again as a dutiful partner should.

two points stuck in my young mind the first time i saw this training film:

1--positively reward the 'good' behavior you wish to see repeated.

many times all it takes is a scratch behind the ear, or a sweet innocent pat on the head.

2-- when 'bad' behavior occurs--immediately scold offender JUST ONCE for use of the bad behavior; and then completely ignore offender for a short time. [if the offender is ignored for too long, he will seek attention from another trainer]


you want the trainee to know that when this type of behavior occurs, he will not receive your love and affection.

--the book was "How to Train Your New Puppy"

I have had one husband and many dogs during my 47 years of life.no matter how wonderful and cute they are to begin with, all must be handled with TLC and consistent, proper handling to ensure a lifetime of well-behaved, domestic bliss.

the dogs have always been so much easier to housebreak.

hubby dear, at the tender age of 55, is STILL a work in progress.