i adore people that have preconceived ideas about intelligence -- ya know, those dealing with gender, race, region, etc. --- while some aren't intentional [as the title suggests] i am still amused at those i meet who automatically assume i am of below average intelligence.

many of my elder profs looked at me and thought i was in the wrong class...
"a female in quantum physics??  an attractive female?? ... she MUST have read her schedule incorrectly"

the one time i defended sarah palin was after the katie couric interview.  if you recall, couric grilled palin on the newspapers she read. i despise defending politicians and/or celebrities... my area of expertise is snark... and it's much more enjoyable than defending... much, much more fun.

it reminded me of a time in san fransisco -- i was at a coffee shop reading the times or wall street journal [ loooong before cell phones and smart phones were de rigueur], can't recall which.. and my server started a conversation, noted my accent, asked where i was from, then stated,
"wow, i never would expect to see you reading THIS paper"

i was a bit startled and asked 'why?' --- he stammered and stuttered.. and i told him...
"aawww babe, don't be embarrassed... i just picked up this purty paper to wipe my aaaiiiss with later... y'all sell some mighty fine toilet paper here in cal-I-forn-ia"

he sent another server and i didn't see his face again.