blow out, stickers, washing, and spring time

with spring comes the dreaded "blow out". the once a year shedding that Akitas go through. they don't shed like most dogs. which is great. until the yearly shedding occurs. the white tufts on the ground is the first combing. there's about two more weeks worth to follow *sigh*


I began a personal war about 3.5 years ago. now with most of my yard bare. I'm winning. more to come when I get to pc---m okay, where was i ... oh yeah, when the kids were young... it seems the yard was covered with stickers ... one of them (kids) would come in crying because of a sticker under the skin ... i would get the required tools , tweezers and pin, and remove the offending pricker ... and tell the kids .. "put your shoes on ... that is why we buy them" ... and off i would send them, to play in a yard full of offending prickers ... that all changed about 4 years ago ... the eldest grandson was walking barefoot in the yard and found a sticker patch ... he cried ... so in my grandmotherly voice i said, "don't cry baby, mema will get all the stickers out of the grass."

so, i first began by fertilizing the yard ... i was told this would choke out the offending weeds ... hmpf! not in my yard ... the stickers thrived on the fertilizer ... so i began pulling them up ... one by one ... sitting for hours ... pulling ... then moving to another spot ... pulling up the weeds there also ... if you'll note ... where i pulled this sticker up is mostly bare ... the grass is slowing growing where the stickers once ruled ... i am persistent and i am determined ... to the point of fanaticism it seems ... for i now will only find one or two plants a week ... if that many ...

the moral of this story ? i don't think there is one, unless you're a sticker ... then it would be ,"stay the ha'ell away from my yard."

wash day

spring is one of my favorite seasons, except for the snufficating allergies

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